Using AI to Design Better Applications

The evolution of technology has always been about making lives easier. There have been many major revolutionary changes, but the kind of services and innovations like the ones provided by automation and artificial intelligence are vast. Over the years, advancements in the artificial intelligence field have led to a lot of breakthroughs and disruptions in various walks of life, including contributing significantly to the development of applications. Let’s see how AI can help you develop better performing software.

AI’s biggest advantage is the fact that it can receive, process, and send unlimited data. This is what makes it the unparalleled option to have in your toolbox when it comes to creating applications. A chatbot is one of the most subtle examples of AI use.

A chatbot (short for chat robot) replicates human interactions using machine learning and natural language processing. When a chatbot is asked certain questions, it will respond based on the data available to it at that point in time. When interacting with a chatbot on a topic it doesn’t understand, the chatbot either deflects the conversation or passes it on to a human operator. This quick response to queries or aiding customers helps enhance the customer experience and every day we see more and more businesses integrating chatbots to their websites and applications for this very reason.

When it comes to building an app for our business, we all know that we strive to produce customer-centric designs. For the customers, the quicker and easier they find what they are looking for, the better. That will make them interested in what we have to offer and help build the reliability factor between us and them. AI helps us in multiple ways on this front – to produce better apps that better connect with our target audience. Let’s see how it does that.


Customers love personalization. They value when we know their tastes and what’s on their mind, and give them what they want just the way they want it. AI, with its must-have recommendation algorithms, gives us this power. It helps us give product and content recommendations to users based on their preferences, consumer behavior, and interactions with the system. Personalized messages, emails, notifications, etc. are another way the app can use AI to add value to the customer experience.

Automation – Making Lives Easier

When we think of automation and AI, some have the misconception that they entirely take over and we humans are left jobless in the entire process. That is not true. They are merely tools that can help us through the process and make our efforts much easier to improve efficiency at the same time. They help us achieve better accuracy and precision in our processes. They give us insights and recommendations based on accurate data and statistics and help us make properly informed decisions. When we automate processes and flows, it makes it easier to read numbers, understand trends, and make predictions. Automation eliminates the hassles associated with calculations, monitoring, manual conduct and review of each and every process involved, and gives both us and our customers a seamless experience.

Friendly Assistants

Chatbots, which we mention at the beginning of this article, are friendly assistants who walk users through their entire e-journey with our business and ensure that they get the royal treatment they deserve. Chatbots come to the rescue of customers if and when they are stuck at some point while they are on our platform. Most customers find it a draining effort to contact Customer Service whenever they face a roadblock and having a chatbot to talk to can make them feel at ease and comfortable.

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Fortifying Security

With a considerable number of breaches and leaks on the rise with mobile apps, you can think of using AI to fortify the security of your app. With voice, facial or video recognition and other such features, AI can assist with reliable and secure authentication measures and unique identification of users. This will enhance the trustworthiness of your business and application in the market, as well as among the customers.


AI makes it easier for your app to connect and integrate with other apps and certain devices with the Internet of Things (IoT). As users find convenience to be of utmost importance, this can better boost your app’s credibility. It also lifts the limitations of your app’s functionalities by a great deal.

In this highly competitive world, AI creates a new intelligent app ecosystem wherein apps are well designed to give quality experiences to customers beyond their expectations. AI undoubtedly adds value to performance, security, functionality, usability and many more aspects, driving more and more customers.


AI is currently gaining popularity on apps across all niches and, though a lot of innovation is happening on the front, it’s fair to say that the advancements are still at the early stage. So, if you are looking to build an app that can sustain in the market, consider AI in your plans.

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AI is unparalleled in its ways by which it enhances user engagement, integrates with other apps and devices, boosts functionality and security, and creates an effortless experience for administrators as well as end-users in the case of an app. The shift is definitely in place and more and more businesses are using AI in their software development. AI has certainly asserted its position in making applications that give the best possible user experiences.