Technology is More Than a Tool.

It’s a Strategy.

Custom Software development Company Columbus Ohio

Problems Solved, Not Just Promises Made

In the modern marketplace, every company is a software company. You heavily rely on technology, from customer experience to data analysis to day-to-day operations and more.

Yet all too often you’re held back from accelerated growth because of the limits of the very technology you rely on.

Our mission at Expeed Software is to help you achieve your true digital growth potential.

Driven by the overall solution and not individual tasks, we develop holistic and robust solutions you can trust to increase efficiency, minimize risk, and discover new business opportunities using actionable, reliable insights.

Fully optimized and reliable technology
Adaptable to the changing marketplace
Focused solutions for long-term growth
Accelerate business expansions

Accelerate Growth With Dependable Cross-Company Solutions

We develop holistic and robust solutions you can trust to increase efficiency, minimize risks, and discover new business opportunities using actionable reliable insights.

Application Development

Improve legacy applications, meet current needs, and design for the future.

  • Application Modernization
  • Web/Mobile Development
  • DevOps

Develop for the Future

Digital Transformation Strategy

Create more value for your clients and your team with a powerful digital ecosystem built to grow alongside you instead of holding you back.

  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Powerful Decision-Making Tools

Transform your Platform

Data Analytics

Understand what’s happening and what’s coming next with clear, actionable data.

  • Data Platform
  • Advanced Analytics and AI
  • Business Intelligence

Get the Facts

User Experience

Create an easy-to-use and visually dynamic interface for your product that not only sells your brand but also highlights your unique features.

  • Enhanced Usability
  • Shorter Development Time
  • Better Customer Retention

Redefine your Brand Experience

A True Partnership
Focused On Your Goals and
Powered By Our Expertise

Our process begins and ends with your future in mind. Before anything is built, we make sure we’re in lockstep with your current needs and ongoing potential.

Our team’s deep bench means you’re delivered the right solution to solve today’s problem and fuel tomorrow’s success.

And when you work with Expeed Software, you get the best customer service in the industry. With consistent check-ins keeping everyone aligned, the final deliverable will be exactly what you’re looking for and more.


Where are we now?
Assess your current digital platform and the trends/maturity of your industry

Custom Software development Company Columbus Ohio
Set Goals

Where do we want to be?
Set goals for user experience, optimization needs, and new revenue streams.

Custom Software development Company Columbus Ohio

What is our strategy?
Strategize on necessary technologies, define timelines, and list initiatives.

Custom Software development Company Columbus Ohio

Build and track
Implement strategies, track and manage progress, and train staff to deliver within the timeline.

Optimized Solutions for Every Industry

With deep technical expertise, our skills easily translate across every industry.
If you’re looking to solve a problem, we’ll develop your digital solution.

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