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Not All Data is Good Data

Businesses tend to gather volumes of data from multiple channels and data sources, without ever segregating or cleaning it up for proper accessibility. At Expeed, we can help you fully exploit Big Data and turn it into actionable insights. With the right combination of data mining and BI tools along with proper data access rules, we ensure that only the right data reaches the right hands at the right time.

Components of Our Business Intelligence Solutions

Data Visualizations & Reports
Provide intuitive charts and graphs, and detailed reports about your business’s key metrics.
Data Warehouse
Extract, transform, and load your data in a clean and structured fashion for easy accessibility and faster processing.
Data Lake
Centralized storage of all the enterprise raw data from various sources to enable seamless access for better insights.
Data Integrations
Set up data pipelines to extract data from all sources and transform them before they are loaded into lakes or warehouses.
Data Quality Management
Context-specific process of data to ensure that it is clean and reliable for all reporting purposes.
Data Security
Protect your data from unauthorized access and ensure that the right people get the right access when needed.

Our BI Development Process

When offering solutions to our clients, we start right at the beginning. We take time to understand your data sources, process inefficiencies and opportunities, and execution strategy for implementing BI tools that can effectively transform decision-making for your team.

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We start by asking the right questions about your business, your challenges, your data sources, and the goals you want to achieve.

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We then match your business objectives with your processes to understand the inefficiencies and disparities.

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Our team of data experts will then create an optimum data strategy that can be executed across various levels in your organization.

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Build & Implement

We introduce data mining and BI tools to create a robust analytical environment and provide frictionless data access for faster decision-making.

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Introduce quality checks to instill confidence in the data. We make sure that there are the right data access policies to protect data from misuse.

Our Stack of BI Tools

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Drive modernization and achieve democratization of data across your organization with Qlik integration.

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Start your BI journey with interactive dashboards, powerful visualizations, and self-service analytics.

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Visualize any data by simple drag and drop functions and foster a data culture in your organization.

Our BI Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services and solutions that leverage our expertise in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Our services can be tailored to meet the requirements of each organization no matter where they are in their journey toward becoming data-driven businesses. 

BI Strategy Consulting

Let us help you drill down on the best data strategy, tools, and tech stack you need to drive change and efficiency in your business.

Self-Service Analytics

Eliminate bottlenecks by making actionable data accessible and comprehensible to even employees without a tech background.

Data Warehousing

We help bring structure and accessibility to your raw data by configuring and managing your cloud and on-premise data warehouses.

Predictive Analytics

Your business needs to be prepared to respond to future trends and market demands with the help of AI-based analytics.

Solutions We Offer

Many organizations use BI to support tasks as diverse as hiring, compliance, production, and marketing. To make this easy, we offer BI solutions that cater to the needs of your specific business function.
Operational Intelligence

Design business analytics systems based on ongoing business operations that analyze your KPIs and other metrics to understand performance, growth, and bottlenecks.

Customer Intelligence

Get a 360-degree view of your customer, their buying patterns, consumption behavior to identify opportunities to personalize and connect your services and offerings.

Financial Intelligence

Keep track of your business revenue, expenses, and profits to better understand the performance of different investments, and gain better insights on financial forecasts.

HR Intelligence

Device workforce optimization strategies based on powerful insights from employee performance metrics, attrition rates, recruitment processes, and skills evaluation.

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Business Intelligence FAQ

  • What is Business Intelligence consulting?

    In order to stay competitive, many businesses are turning to business intelligence (BI) consulting services. BI consultants help organizations to make better use of data and analytics in order to make informed decisions about their operations. They also help to create a more streamlined and effective decision-making process. By working with an organization's leadership team, BI consultants can help to identify areas where improvements can be made. Additionally, BI consultants can provide training and support to ensure that employees are able to effectively use data and analytics in their decision-making. With the help of BI consulting, businesses can make smarter decisions about their operations, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

  • What is data visualization?

    Data visualization is the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format. It enables decision-makers to see analytics presented visually, so they can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns. When used in conjunction with BI tools, data visualizations can provide powerful insights into an organization’s performance. It can take many different forms, including charts, graphs, maps, and infographics. The type of data visualization will be determined by the type of data being analyzed and the question that needs to be answered.

  • Does Expeed offer data warehousing services?

    Expeed offers data warehousing services that can help you collect, store, and analyze your data more effectively. We can help you extract data from your operational systems, transform it into a format that can be analyzed, and load it into a data warehouse. We can also help you create reports and dashboards to visualize your data and help you make better decisions.

  • Is data literacy important for implementing BI?

    Data literacy is important for implementing BI because it allows users to understand and interpret data so that they can make better decisions. Data literacy also enables users to effectively communicate their findings to others, which is essential for collaborative decision-making.

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