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Expeed Software is a software development company based in Ohio that helps businesses of all sizes modernize, integrate, and optimize their applications and processes to create extraordinary experiences.

Established in 2008, we are experts in software application development, data analytics, and digital transformation strategy. With over 100 employees working out of 4 offices across the globe, we see technology as more than a tool. It’s a strategy.

Working with Expeed

Our business model is based on having strategic long-term relationships with our clients. Therefore, we do not see projects as discrete interactions with our clients; we see them as stepping stones that lead to a trusted relationship. Thus, we put the long-term interests of our clients in front of short-term gains.

Problem Solvers

Our process is built to focus on understanding the real problem our client is trying to solve and deliver holistic solutions.

Advisors First

Unlike the majority of software consultants you might come across, we are not obedient order takers—we are advisors first, and developers second.

Experts Only

Our team of experts works alongside your company to create flexible digital platforms, empowering you to quickly adapt to the ever-changing marketplace.

Robust Solutions

We develop robust and scalable solutions you trust to increase efficiency, minimize risk, and invent new business models using actionable reliable insights.

Same Services, Different Approach

We pride ourselves on not just what we offer, but also on the way we do it. When you choose Expeed, you get a trusted partner who is committed to building long-term relationships with you. Our focus is not just on providing short-term solutions but on helping our clients stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace by adapting to the latest technologies. We deliver the solutions that our clients truly need, and we work closely with them to ensure that we are meeting their specific objectives.

Application Development

Using a platform approach, we use the best of our strategic thinking to ensure every app we develop is scalable, and adaptable, and expands your existing digital platform.

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Data Analytics

Our data analytics practice enables rapid data-driven decision-making in your company that puts you in a position to not only optimize but to be a disrupter in your industry.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

We also provide digital transformation strategy to clients, helping you reimagine how you create value, both for your clients and for your team.

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Our Team is Your Biggest Asset

Our team is unparalleled, not because of our skills, but because of our customer service.

Customer service brings big-picture thinking, goal-oriented development, and end-to-end problem-solving.

Based out of the Midwest with a global team, you have full access to the right skills at the right time and at the right price, resulting in lower overhead and expert-led development.

We are big on customer service
We are big on customer service
Built on values of trust and transparency
Built on values of trust and transparency
Guaranteed to deliver impactful results
Guaranteed to deliver impactful results
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Listed as one of the best software development companies by Design Rush.


Listed as one of the top mobile application development companies by Good Firms.

Expeed has been certified SOC2 – SOC for Service Organizations: Trust Services Criteria

Our Leaders Play a Pivotal Role in Upholding Our Philosophies and Values