Accelerate Innovation and Growth with Powerful Analytics

Accurate data leads to great decision-making for your business.

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Collect and analyze the right data for your business
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Expedite data analytics with a robust digital infrastructure
Custom Software development Company Columbus Ohio
Make decisions with confidence with predictive models

Accurate data leads to great decision-making for your business.

But how do you know if you have reliable data?
Put the right information into the right hands to empower your team to make data-driven decisions that optimize your company and disrupt your industry.

We’ll build you a data platform that delivers trustworthy and validated reports across your entire organization.

The Right Approach to Data Analytics

When it comes to developing far-reaching business development strategies and customer satisfaction, data analytics plays a very important role. With advanced analytics, companies can even identify new opportunities and business models that can multiply their revenue streams and expand their markets.

Our CEO and Founder, Rao Chajerla speaks about the right way to set up a data analytics ecosystem in your organization that can make all the difference for your business.

Turn Your Company Into a Data Powerhouse With Our Proven Process

Our team of experts shows up every day at their best, developing easy-to-access and dependable data systems for your organization.

We expand and contract our team based on exactly what we’re building, saving you overhead and ensuring you always get the right expert for the job.

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Where are we now?
Assess your current digital platform and the trends/maturity of your industry

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Set Goals

Where do we want to be?
Set goals for user experience, optimization needs, and new revenue streams.

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What is our strategy?
Strategize on necessary technologies, define timelines, and list initiatives.

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Build and track.
Implement strategies, track and manage progress, and train staff.

Our Data Analytics Services

Data Modernization
Enable on-the-spot decision-making with a modern data platform.

With modern technologies such as cloud infrastructure, data lakes, and real-time integration, reliable data becomes immediately available across the entire organization.

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Business Intelligence
Real-time data insights to make better, faster decisions.

Using BI tools, you can easily generate reports that will help you solve problems, act on opportunities, and get results all while your competitors are still putting together a plan.

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Advanced Analytics and AI
Predict the future path of your organization’s success.

Handle and parse massive amounts of data to drive decisions for the future of your organization. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict potential outcomes and prescribe actions that lead to improved results.

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Popular Data Analytics Solutions from our Team

We leverage advanced data analytics that fuse domain expertise and technological know-how for digital transformation.

Image and Video Analysis
We build custom deep learning models for computer vision, such as image and video analysis.
Billing Optimization
We offer solutions that use artificial intelligence to reduce payment issues, leading to more accurate, timely billing & payment.
NLP and Text Analysis
Better customer understanding using NLP gives you the competitive edge

Gather Actionable Business Intelligence