A Custom Solution for Tracking and Managing Airport Charges

A simple yet powerful platform designed exclusively for airport authorities, Airport Gate Manager empowers airport administrators to efficiently manage airport charges and automate the billing process. From basic airport charges and ground handling charges to special service charges like deicing, refueling, cleaning etc.,

Our software creates a comprehensive environment to track and monitor all air carrier activities and helps generate accurate reports and invoices and automates billing. It’s the ideal companion for modern airport operations, empowering administrators to enhance financial control while delivering top-notch service to airline carriers.

A Comprehensive Solution to Streamline Airport Fee Collection

The Airport Gate Manager provides a comprehensive overview of the activities performed by airline carriers on the ground at airports.From tracking aircraft within the airport premises using live-tracking solutions to compiling monthly usage reports, which can be conveniently accessed through custom dashboards, the product allows airports to operate with greater efficiency.

Real-time Aircraft Status

Stay in control with real-time updates on aircraft statuses at your gates and deicing stations. Our platform provides a map view of the entire airport, allowing you to easily monitor and manage operations.

Custom User Permissions

Tailor access rights to match your organizational structure. Assign roles such as org admin and airport admins, ensuring that the right people have access. Manage multiple airports effortlessly, all within a single product.

Insights Dashboard

Gain valuable insights into airline activities with our user-friendly dashboard. Quickly access monthly reports and data to make informed decisions and optimize your airport’s operations.

Landing Fees Calculations

Streamline the calculation and billing of landing fees. The Airport Gate Manager automates this process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in assessing landing fees for incoming aircraft.

Integration with Airport Software

Seamlessly integrate Airport Gate Manager with your main airport operations software, such as Spire, to capture essential flight details directly from the airport’s database. This integration enhances data accuracy and streamlines your workflow.


Keep your airport staff, ground crew, and administrators informed with our notification system. Stay connected and responsive to changing situations on the ground.

Enhancing Carrier Collaborations: How We Help

The Airport Gate Manager not only simplifies billing but also enhances the overall efficiency of airport operations. By providing real-time data on aircraft movements and operations within the airport premises, our software offers a transparent and highly accurate system for monitoring and invoicing airport charges. This in turn enables airports to reduce errors, improve financial management, and enhance the passenger experience.

Our platform also aids authorities in allocating their resources efficiently and responding quickly to any emergency aircraft needs while maintaining long-term partnerships with airline carriers.

Airport Billing Management Made Easy

It’s time to start streamlining your airport billing processes with the Airport Gate Manager. Get in touch with us today!