Easy-to-integrate and comprehensive software products and platforms

As an end-to-end software solutions provider, we believe it is our responsibility toward businesses and the industry, to make accessible some of our trademark technologies and innovations. Here are some of Expeed’s most unique and innovative products and platforms that are sure to add value and increase productivity for your business.

Subsidiaries and Products by Expeed Software

Subscription Management & Billing Platform


Designed by Expeed’s SaaS leaders and subscription experts, saaslogic is our subsidiary firm that offers a comprehensive eCommerce solution suite seamlessly integrating billing and payment processing for the recurring pricing model industry.

Billing Automation

Automate invoice generation, manage payment schedules and handle any billing-related tasks without the need for manual intervention.

Recurring Payments

Create a robust and secure recurring payment process that ensures timely payments and reduces the chances of payment delays or failures.

SaaS Subscription

Manage subscriptions seamlessly, create dynamic plans based on audience requirements, and handle user access controls effortlessly.

Reports & Analytics

By providing insightful reports and analytics, saaslogic enables businesses to gain insights into their operations, identify trends, and optimize their strategies.

Real-time IoT Analytics Platform


Konnectware is Expeed’s innovative plug-n-play analytics solution that transforms high-volume IoT Data into business-focused insights.

With Konnectware, device onboarding becomes a breeze. It allows you to connect smoothly with IoT devices, collects and transforms high-volume IoT data, and empowers businesses to configure analytics on streaming data with ease. It also allows teams to set up automated responses and workflows triggered by specific events or data patterns. Tap into the full potential of IoT data with Konnectware to discover powerful analytical insights and usher in data-driven and strategic decision-making at your business.

Airport Charges and Billing Automation

Airport Gate Manager

A simple solution to streamline billing and invoicing of airport charges, the Airport Gate Manager is a unique product from team Expeed. In addition to automating billing, it essentially allows airport management to track and monitor all air carrier activities and helps generate accurate reports and invoices. This in turn enables airports to reduce errors, improve financial management, and enhance the passenger experience. To learn more about streamlining airport billing processes, get in touch with our team today!

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