Transform Your Business with Scalable Web Applications

We specialize in fast, reliable, and easy-to-maintain web application solutions. We bring together the most cutting-edge web app development services to give you an edge over your competitors.


Designing and Building Web Apps that Empower Businesses

As a custom web application development company, our development strategy is based on strong solutions architecture that leverages latest technologies in front-end and back-end development.

  • Front-end Development

    As a web application development company, our developers work alongside UI/UX teams to create the most intuitive and seamless apps, while ensuring they reflect your brand.

  • Back-end Development

    We factor in a lot of aspects when developing an application including tenancies, scalability, automation, and integration with third-party tools to achieve flawless functioning.

  • QA and Testing

    We make sure that our app is effective, useful, and reliable across platforms and devices. QA is done for cross-platform compatibility, responsiveness, analytics, customization scripts, data gathering, etc.

  • UI/UX Design

    With over a decade of experience building amazing web app designs with optimized user experiences, our team is constantly learning to make applications easier to use and of better quality.

Enterprise Web Application Development

Get a web solution that will help your business operate more efficiently. We make enterprise web applications that digitize your workflows and revolutionize how you do business.

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Custom Web Portal Development

We create custom web portals that are easy to use and are feature-packed for the best experience. Our portals ensure easy access to vital information and an excellent customer experience for the users.

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SaaS Application Development

Our complete range of custom web application development services includes offering scalable SaaS solutions that bring efficiencies and reduce costs.

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E-Commerce Development

Our team of custom framework experts can help create scalable e-commerce solutions for your business that enable and drive your online sales.

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An Agile Approach to Web Application Development

As a leading custom web application development company, we focus on delivering high-quality software that meets our clients’ needs and expectations. Over the last decade, we have perfected our internal processes to become more agile, efficient, and scalable. We can rapidly prototype and iterate on our designs so that our clients get better results in a much shorter period. In addition, we can scale our process to accommodate projects of any size. Whether you need a simple web portal or a complex e-commerce solution, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

We are constantly adapting to changes and feedback in order to deliver the best possible product and work in short cycles. We believe this approach to web app development services leads to better quality software overall and provide our clients with the best possible experience.

Why Partner With Us?

We adopt the latest technologies and modern approaches to web application development to build applications that work for your business and your customers.
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

We offer progressive web app development services to create seamless user experiences across all platforms.

Coding Standards

Our development team produces the cleanest, most straightforward code, making it easy for other programmers to use and maintain.

Air-tight Web Security

Our web applications use up-to-date security to ensure that our companies’ and clients’ private data stays safe.

Loading Speed Optimization

By optimizing visual content and minimizing HTTP requests, we ensure that your web app loads within 3 seconds.

Our Work

Our innovative solutions, teams of experienced developers, and top quality client service are just some of the reasons that make us the best web application development company in the country today. We believe that our clients deserve the best, and we strive to deliver it.


Online Gym Time


Airport Gate Manager

Technologies We Work With

Expeed is among the leading custom web application development companies. With an Agile approach to technology and a track record of helping businesses, from SMBs to large corporations, to deploy high-quality web applications, we have specialized teams working on a wide range of technologies and frameworks.


Our stack of database technologies makes our data processes more efficient, offering speed, flexible storage, and scalability.


File Storage

In addition to structured data that is stored in databases, we use BLOB storage to save and access project files like import files.

Azure BLOB

API Layer

We use API technologies to make working with your data faster, providing you access to more information and giving you a competitive edge.


Front End

We use the latest, most powerful technologies to create attractive, fast, and powerful interfaces.


Industries We Serve

Leverage our experience across industries to create innovative web applications. As a leading web application development company, we are committed to delivering high-quality custom software solutions to our clients that help them transform and digitize their businesses.

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Web App Development FAQs

  • What technologies do you work with for developing web applications?

    As a custom web application development company, we work with different technologies depending on the requirements of the projects. Front-end development is usually carried out with JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, and Blazor which are compiled to Javascript. Back-end development is done with C#, Java, or NodeJs. We also use Python for data analytics and MySQL and MongoDB as databases.

  • What is the process involved in developing web applications?

    The web application development process at Expeed can be broken up into four phases. Phase one is sprint planning. At this stage, the team focuses on the discovery and examining what needs to be done. This stage also defines the process through which sprints will be completed and how long each will take. It is the most important step for any web application development company that follows an Agile process. The second phase involves finalizing the tech architecture and assigning different teams to work on specific parts of the project simultaneously in order to ensure faster delivery. The third phase is one where all the various iterations take place and demos are presented. The fourth phase of development, which involves testing and code review begins once the team decides on the final version of the app.

  • Why should I hire Expeed for my web app development project?

    We provide you with custom web application development services that are agile, robust, and scalable, enabling you to adapt and change as your needs arise. As a leading web app development company with 4+ offices worldwide, we also offer assistance and support across all time zones. Our team will work closely with you, to identify your business pain points and bottlenecks and offer unique solutions that are perfectly customized to your business needs.

  • How much time does it take to develop an e-commerce web application?

    The time it takes to develop an e-commerce app depends on the complexity of the project, the number of pages, database and server configuration, and the number of platforms it needs to be integrated with. Depending on the size of your project and budget, it can take up to 6 months or more. But if you are looking for a quick turnaround, reach out to our web app experts at Expeed Software.

  • Do you offer post-launch support and maintenance?

    Yes, we do. As an end-to-end web application development company, our post-launch support and maintenance services include debugging, software upgrading, security protocols updating, and more.

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