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At Expeed, we’re not just another mobile app development company. We’re the ones with real solutions to scale your business and transform it digitally.

Our Capabilities

Choosing the right technology and mobile app functionality is at the heart of our development strategy. Based on client requirements and project milestones, we recommend either one of the following technologies or a combination of them.

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Native Mobile App Development

Offer your customers the best possible app experience. Our native mobile app team can help you choose the right platform and the right technology for your big project.

iOS App Development
Get high-quality, feature-rich apps for your iOS devices. Our team offers one of the most exhaustive iOS app development services in the industry.
Android App Development
Using Kotlin and Java technologies, our development team can create powerful Android apps that are sure to deliver rich user experiences.
Custom Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio
Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Transform your business digitally with cross-platform mobile apps, developed using platform-agnostic technologies, that perform seamlessly across a wide range of devices.

React Native App Development
Our team is specialized in React Native mobile app development that allows for faster project completion and a seamless cross-platform experience.
Xamarin App Development
Grow your business with Xamarin apps that can offer a close-to-native experience for a much lesser cost and in a shorter development cycle.

Our App Development Process

Custom Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio

We’ll start by taking your ideas, requirements and expectations and translating them into a solid app concept.

Custom Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio

Next we’ll iterate versions of the basic concept with feature, brand and UX variations to derive at the closest fit.

Custom Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio

Once we finalize the best combination of app features, UI/UX designs and functionalities, we’ll get to work and start developing.

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Test & Beta Release

Our QA/QC teams work parallelly to ensure that your application is tested thoroughly for bugs before a final round of user testing.

Custom Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio

Once the final set of feedback is incorporated, your application will be launched on its platform’s respective marketplace for public use.

Our Work

We build meaningful relationships with our clients and strive to deliver solutions that not just meet their requirements, but exceed their expectations.
Health in Motion Network
Health in Motion Network
A Xamarin-based mobile app built intuitively for patients to connect with pharmacists, send messages, share information, and view all medical records under a single profile, including personalized, real-time medical and lab reports and data from monitoring devices and wearables.
Lucid Health
Lucid Health
A radiology analysis application that enables operational efficiency by tracking work, managing and assigning workloads, and displaying radiology images among other features.
An online counseling application developed using Xamarin that allows patients and counselors to conduct video-enabled virtual sessions. Counselor profile management, appointment scheduling, and payment tracking are some of its other integral features.
Schneider Resource Advisor
Schneider Resource Advisor
The Resource Advisor is a client application developed for Schneider Electric Energy and Sustainability Services. It is a secure, cloud-based software platform that allows clients to see, measure, and manage energy and sustainability initiatives across the organization.

Our Suite of Mobile App Development Services

As one of the leading mobile app development companies in the United States, we have helped many companies build powerful apps that meet their business requirements. As a result, we’ve learned that it takes more than just cutting-edge technology and attractive features to drive an app to its true market success. Here are some of the top mobile app development services we offer at Expeed.

Custom Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio
Mobile App Strategy and Consultation

Effective product strategies play a significant role in determining your app’s success. At Expeed, we offer app strategy and consultation services where our experts audit, analyze and evaluate your product and market data to recommend app solutions that meet your business expectations.

Custom Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio
AI/ML-Driven App Features

Today’s mobile applications need to be more than just powerful and fast, they need to be smart too. Building dynamic mobile applications with embedded AI capabilities and advanced ML technologies that can predict user responses is just one of the many services we offer at Expeed.

Industries We Serve

Going mobile is no longer an option for most businesses. No matter the industry, our experts can help you switch to reliable and effective mobile app solutions. As a leading mobile app development company, we have supported these key industries as they went digital.

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Custom Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio
Retail & e-commerce
Custom Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio
Custom Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio
Best Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio
Energy & Utility
Best Mobile Application development Company Columbus Ohio

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Mobile App Development FAQs

  • What are the benefits of outsourcing Android App Development?

    Mobile app development in general has become a highly competitive market and businesses that wish to leverage the latest technologies without increasing cost prefer outsourcing it. Here are the top three benefits associated with outsourcing your project to an android app development company. One, it reduces the overall project cost. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing models is the impact it has on development costs. Letting companies with android app development expertise take over can help improve your ROI dramatically. Two, it increases efficiency. Mobile app development companies are well equipped with super-specialized teams, cutting-edge technology, and advanced equipment needed to deliver highly efficient applications. And finally, it gives access to skilled resources. Designing, building, and executing a high-performance mobile application requires a team of talented and experienced developers. Unless your business needs to make multiple apps continuously, hiring an internal team would only increase your overall costs in the long run. When you outsource to android app development companies, you get access to some of the best technical resources in the world without the hassles of hiring or managing them.

  • How do I choose the right iOS app development company?

    The most important things to check before you engage with an iOS app development company for your project are - technology expertise, industry experience, and flexible team support. Always start off by checking if the iPhone app development company has executed projects in Swift or Objective-C. These are the two most popular and highly effective programming languages that support iOS app development. You also need to ensure that the mobile app development company has adequate resources and team size. Depending on the size of your project, you will need an appropriately-sized team of developers who are available around the clock to address your concerns and make sure that the project is completed within the prescribed deadline.

  • How much time does it take to finish a mobile app development project?

    The time taken to complete an application development project depends on the size and complexity of the desired product. If you need your application to be launched within the desired time frame, you can always speak to your mobile application development company to assign a larger team and expedite the development process. At Expeed, our app development process starts with understanding your requirements and finalizing the app concept. Once we develop a prototype that meets all your requirements, we move on to the development and testing phase. The app is finally launched once it clears many rounds of quality assurance testing.

  • When should I consider cross-platform mobile app development?

    Cross-platform mobile applications or hybrid mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular. As a business, you need to consider your specific product goals, target user specifications, and marketing strategies before identifying the technology you want your mobile apps to be built on. With cross-platform app mobile development, you can reach a wider audience as these apps are highly compatible with multiple platforms and devices. This feature is especially useful for start-ups who need their product or brand to gain reach and recognition. Compared to native apps, cross-platform applications offer faster development cycles and can reduce your go-to-market time significantly. Another reason to choose cross-platform app development is if you are on a tight budget. By using a single source code to generate desired OS-based apps, cross-platform apps can help you save on resource costs.

  • Does Expeed Software specialize in Xamarin app development?

    Yes. Our team at Expeed is specialized in Xamarin app development. Being an open-source technology with a complete support ecosystem, Xamarin is one of the preferred programming languages for developing mobile applications. Xamarin-based mobile applications offer user experiences similar to native applications.

  • What are the benefits of using React Native in app development?

    React Native is based on JavaScript and connects seamlessly with the native operating system thereby ensuring optimal app performance. Since JavaScript components are built on iOS and Android components, it also allows the reuse of code and components. All in all, choosing a React Native mobile app development company for your project can help you reduce costs and development time.

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