IoT Consulting

We offer IoT Consulting services to organizations struggling to develop a clear IoT strategy or select the right technology partners.

IoT Application Development

Our IoT application development services are designed to focus on easily onboarding devices, analyzing data, and taking action.

IoT Data Collection

Expedite device onboarding and stream data collection & analysis with the help of our frameworks and expert solutions.

IoT Data Analytics

We specialize in designing platforms that support streaming & batch analytics and data visualization that helps businesses make sense of their data.


Helping Industries Harness the Power of IoT

Our aim is to help businesses access the power of connected devices and data to gain a competitive edge. As a leading IoT app development company, we offer our IoT services across different industry verticals such as healthcare, energy, logistics, and more.
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IoT in Healthcare

IoT has helped develop personalized medical devices which are capable of detecting and diagnosing illnesses at very early stages. It also allows for enhanced communication between patients and doctors with the help of platforms where patients can book appointments, ask questions and get answers without having to visit the doctor’s office.

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IoT in Energy

IoT in the energy industry can used to track consumption and monitor renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. Energy consumption analytics as a solution is becoming increasingly popular in the industry, with energy forecasting and ESG becoming hot topics of discussion in corporate boardrooms.

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IoT in Logistics

With the help of IoT, we can offer solutions that help businesses connect with their warehouses and suppliers, track inventory, and monitor climate-controlled trucks all in real-time. With innovative vehicle management systems, companies will never have to worry about missing deliveries or with finding a truck.

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IoT in Manufacturing

Industrial IoT solutions have been transforming the manufacturing industry by making it more productive and responsive to change. Tracking assets and inventory, monitoring the assembly line and machinery conditions in real-time, and controlling processes remotely are just some of the most common IoT use cases in manufacturing.

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Choosing Expeed for Your IoT Transformation

Leverage our experience in building scalable and intuitive applications with built-in analytics functionality.

IoT solutions enable businesses to take advantage of a connected network of devices to improve internal business processes and drive rich experiences for their customers. As a top IoT development company, we have vast experience in creating robust applications that allow you to scale quickly and adapt intuitively to changing market conditions.

  • Our IoT solutions come with a built-in data analytics platform, Konnectware, designed to process large volumes of IoT data in a matter of seconds, in-effect reducing your development cycle.

  • Konnectware is our own streaming data collection and data analytics platform that we bring to solutions that substantially enables development cycles.

Making the Most of
Your IoT Data

At Expeed, we have developed a unique IoT Analytics platform that offers actionable insights derived from high-volume IoT Data. Konnectware is our plug-n-play analytics solution that helps businesses get more from their IoT data, improve their operational efficiencies, and build and train ML models that understand the market.
  • Easy device onboarding
  • Large-volume data collection
  • Easy configuration of analytics on streaming data
  • Storage of collected data and insights
  • Configuring actions based on observations
  • Easy access to collected data with APIs

Our IoT Consulting Services

IoT solutions can be complex, involving several different technologies and systems. Our team has extensive experience in designing and implementing IoT solutions, and we can provide the guidance you need to ensure that your solution is successful. Our IoT consulting covers data security strategy, solutions architecture, environment audits, and more.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop an efficient IoT solution for your business, then contact us today!

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IoT Solutions FAQs

  • Why choose IoT Solutions for my business?

    The benefits of connected devices are vast. IoT solutions aid businesses in getting a better understanding of their daily operations, enabling them to make informed decisions and save time and resources where they are needed the most.

  • What is the process for IoT application development?

    There is a two-step process for the development of IoT apps: first, you choose a platform, and then you choose the hardware and development board you'll use. You have to think about scalability before you start, then make sure your app is quick and can be launched quickly.

  • What are factors to consider when choosing an IoT Application development company?

    The first and most important aspect to consider is the team's expertise. Your company needs a team that has skill sets in security, connectivity, machine learning, and data conversion. Moreover, you need to understand the type of device for which an app has been designed for.

  • How secure is my data in IoT analytics platforms?

    IoT analytics platforms can be secured with various data protection methods, each of which has its own benefits and drawbacks. The choice for a security level will depend on your risk appetite. Factors to consider include available time and budget, access privileges and requirements, and the sensitivity of your data.

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