The Only IoT Analytics Platform your Business Needs

A plug-n-play Analytics Solution that transforms high-volume IoT Data into Business-Focused Insights

How Konnectware can help your business

Get More from your IoT Data. Improve operational efficiency, be prepared for market fluctuations, and build and train ML models that understand your business.

Data-driven Decision Making at All Skill Levels

With Konnectware, even your non-technical employees or stakeholders can quickly access business-specific data insights in real time and make impactful data-driven decisions. Our IoT Analytics platform acts as your decision support system enabling you to stay promptly reactive to industry trends and market dynamics.

Global Connectivity for Better Insights

Konnectware sets the base for a comprehensive data environment with multiple device connectivity, opening doors for more meaningful and multi-channel analytics. This leads to discovery of crucial business insights that otherwise remain invisible during local data analytics.

Filter and Clean Up Unstructured Data

Your IoT touchpoints deliver a high volume of data that is usually unstructured, and with errors and gaps. Such data needs to go through layers of filtering and processing to be analytics ready. Konnectware fetches raw data, cleans and corrects it swiftly and ensures it is prepped to process complex analytics.

Real-Time Alerts for Device Anomalies/Intrusions

Act instantly to time-critical device anomaly/intrusion detection notifications with Konnectware’s smart AI-embedded core processing. Our platform translates your IoT data streams into quick, actionable insights and can send out notifications and alerts that can trigger device actions.

Why Choose Konnectware

Collect, Refine and Transform Your IoT Data into Strategic Business Decisions

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Scalable & Flexible

Stay connected to your entire stack of IoT assets and analyse data quickly and in real-time. Our platform has been designed to let you scale up or down depending on your needs over time, compute and store large volumes of data, and customize according to specific user scenarios.

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Konnectware sifts effortlessly through unstructured device data to translate them into coherent and industry-specific data points that can be easily configured by even the non-technical users for daily operational purposes.

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Data & Network Security

Using standard MQTT and HTTP protocols, Konnectware fastens a secure connection with your device network globally, thereby ensuring a smooth data transmission and ingestion. Industry-standard safety protocols have been set in place to ensure your business data gets end-to-end protection.

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API-based Access

Our platform offers API-based access creation and security management wherein only authorized subscribers get access to the platform data. Konnectware also supports secure and seamless device onboarding and metadata defining that complies with all data protection standards.

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AI-embedded Engine

The Konnectware engine uses Advanced Analytics and ML capabilities to plug in AI modules customized for specific user requirements. The AI embedded core pulls comprehensive data points, executes complex calculations and triggers anomaly/intrusion alerts.

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All device data is presented to users through Konnectware’s easy-to-operate Intuitive dashboard that allows end users to pick and choose data sets, assign their own industry-specific metrics, view KPIs, design device-specific reports and run customized comparison analyses.

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Cloud Agnostic

Konnectware offers maximum compatibility with a wide range of cloud technologies and can be easily deployed in any cloud platform, including AWS and Azure. The serverless application has been specifically tailored to handle large-scale data influx generated by the industrial sectors.

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Real-time Analytics

With Konnectware, businesses can effectively pull real-time analytical insights from data streams and leverage them to make time-critical operational decisions. The platform’s powerful core transforms and enriches raw, stream data in just minutes to deliver highly accurate real-time information.

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Batch Analytics

With options to fetch, process and store IoT data in large volumes, Konnectware offers businesses the perfect platform to run industry-specific batch analyses that can be configured according to user requirements and retrieved for broader insights.

Build Custom AI Modules Specific to Your Industry

IoT Connectivity Providers

The platform can offer immense support to IoT Enablers and Network Carriers who often have to handle large volumes of device data on a daily basis. The raw, unstructured data needs to be processed by multiple applications and data analyts for IoT Connectivity providers to uncover impactful data points and derive business insights. Konnectware offers a one-platform solution that can directly fetch, clean, correct and compute complex IoT data in a speedy and secure manner.

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Industrial Units

From agriculture to manufacturing to energy, industrial sectors depend on data collected from a wide range of their equipment in order to operate. The economy of scale makes even the slightest difference in data sets critical to industrial optimization. Konnectware has been designed to support industrial units in their process optimization and organizational performance. For instance, real-time and accurate information on soil fertility, weather and moisture content can help farmers decide the ideal time to irrigate or plan the next harvest.

Consumer Device Manufacturers

Konnectware can help manufacturers improve the efficiency of their IoT devices and equipment by enabling real-time monitoring of KPIs. A car manufacturer, for example, can use Konnectware to detect anomalies in predicted engine performance or faulty airbag deployment – information that is critical to both the company and its customers. The manufacturer can decide to recall said models when anomalies are detected.

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Sensors and IoT Hardware Providers

Konnectware offers product value addition to businesses that design and develop IoT sensors and other hardware. By integrating an AI-powered data collection and conversion platform with IoT Hardware, businesses can increase the overall performance efficiency of their devices and offer a secure channel to transfer confidential data.

Enable Data-Driven Decisions at all Skill Levels.

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