Professional DevOps Consulting Services for Faster Product Delivery

Accelerate your product development and digital transformation with the help of our DevOps consulting services. At Expeed Software, we’ll help establish DevOps standards, organize your code, support scalable release processes, build pipelines to automate your CI/CD processes, and provision your infrastructure using infrastructure as code approach, so that you can respond effectively to your users’ needs in a timely manner.

DevOps With Expeed

Accelerate Your Product Development and Digital Transformation

As a DevOps company, we help you create more efficient, successful DevOps processes that achieve better results with streamlined delivery, lean governance structures, and sustainable cost reductions. Our DevOps consulting services help you automate all the steps between Development and Operations so that your software products are vastly superior to your competitors.
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Technical Benefits

The DevOps model enables your developers and operations teams to take ownership of services and release updates quicker with the help of microservices and continuous delivery.

  • Shorter release cycles
  • Continuous software delivery
  • Improved code quality
  • Quick resolution of issues
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Business Benefits

Our DevOps process benefits all types of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, who want to improve the quality, maintainability, and security of their software.

  • Ability to go to market faster
  • Faster delivery of features to the customers
  • Ability to provide a better customer experience
  • Robust software which is easier to sell
  • Improved customer confidence and brand value
Our DevOps Process

Helping Businesses Become Agile, Embrace Innovation

From process assessment to continuous deployment, we take care of end-to-end DevOps integration for your business, customized to your needs.


DevOps Assessment

We study the existing development-deployment processes and identify gaps and opportunities for transformation and automation.


Agile Implementation

Before we begin integrating our DevOps tools, we guide your teams to shift to a more agile mindset and do away with the traditional development cycles.


DevOps Automation

We automate various aspects of your DevOps such as infrastructure provisioning, static code analysis, continuous integration, and deployment using multiple tools and frameworks.


Monitor and Manage

Once DevOps processes are established, we work with our customers to make sure the process is working properly, being followed, and incorporating any changes to make them more effective.


Automating Taskflow, Quality Checks, and Infrastructure Provisioning

We help our clients with their DevOps strategy. We create customized workflows to help automate the process of deploying and testing your software. Our DevOps solutions make it easier for them to update products and provide customers with the most innovative technology.

Automated Testing
Automated Testing
Maximize testing reliability and deploy projects with consistent coding standards with confidence.
Source Control Management
Source Control Management
Create code repositories that enable effortless collaboration and allow developers to track changes
Infrastructure as Code
Infrastructure as Code
Provision infrastructure to standardize parameters and eliminate manual errors that threaten the code integrity

Our DevOps Tools and Platforms

We use some of the best tools and technologies available to set up DevOps environments for our customers. Being a company that is conscious of quality, we stick with a few tools and technologies to deliver higher-quality services.
  • CI/ CD Framework

    Azure DevOps, Bitbucket Pipelines, CruiseControl, Bamboo, Travis CI, Jenkins, Circle CI, TeamCity

  • Testing Automation

    TestNG, Cucumber, Selenium, JMeter, JUnit, NUnit, XUnit

  • Source Control Management

    Github, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket

  • Infrastructure Provisioning

    Terraform, Azure Arm Templates, AWS Cloud Formation

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DevOps Consulting Services FAQs

  • Why should I implement DevOps?

    One of the main advantages of DevOps is that it results in shorter development cycles. When developers and operations staff work together closely, it’s easier to identify bottlenecks and quickly fix them. This collaboration also makes it easier to get new features and updates into production faster. Implementing DevOps can also help you detect errors early on. By automating the process of testing and building software, you can quickly identify errors and fix them before they cause major problems. And finally, having a DevOps process can help you achieve continuous release and deployment. This means that you can push out new features and updates more frequently, without having to wait for a lengthy approval process.

  • What are the main DevOps tools used at Expeed?

    There are a variety of DevOps tools available, and the ones used at Expeed vary depending on the project. Tools like Azure DevOps and Bitbucket Pipelines are used for developing the CI CD Frameworks while xUnit, nUnit, jUnit, and .Net are used for code testing. Selenium is our preferred tool for screen testing. We also use an array of tools for source control management and infrastructure provisionings like Github, Gitbucket and Azure Source Control, and Terraform, Azure Arm Templates, AWS Cloud Formation respectively.

  • Will implementing DevOps lead to Organizational Changes?

    Mostly yes! Our DevOps Consulting services are dedicated to helping business owners streamline their delivery processes and goals while strengthening the efficiency of the teams they work with. This sometimes means changes in the development, operations, and IT department processes. The goal is to empower employees by providing them with the right tools, feedback, and time for implementing more change.

  • Does Expeed have Certified DevOps Engineers?

    Our team of DevOps Engineers have the necessary certifications for their expertise, and our consultants are certified to work with your team on a best-fit basis. This ensures you get the most qualified people for your particular needs.

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