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    Accelerate Success with Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure

    Adopting cloud technologies has become imperative for organizations to stay relevant and competitive in today’s business landscape. As a recognized OCI partner, our mission at Expeed is to guide businesses on their journey to the cloud.

    Our customers gain access to a highly secure and scalable platform that allows them to optimize operations, reduce costs and leverage innovation for accelerated growth. Oracle’s 2nd Generation Cloud Infrastructure offers maximum isolation and protection by separating network and tenant environments. Here are some of our other benefits:

    Easy to migrate and run enterprise apps
    Cloud-native services and ecosystems
    Built-in security of highest standards
    Superior price performance
    Autonomous services
    Hybrid and multi-cloud support

    Oracle Complete Cloud Capabilities

    Source: Oracle

    Leverage our Oracle Expertise

    As an experienced partner, we understand the complexities of OCI and the importance of aligning cloud solutions with your unique business requirements. From architecture planning to ongoing management and maintenance, rest assured that our team of Oracle experts will guide you through and help manage all your workloads more efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Our services are focused on providing expert guidance in architecting, planning, and implementing OCI solutions. Our team will work closely with you to understand specific business requirements and offer strategic advice on optimal OCI deployment.

    We will assist you throughout the migration journey for your applications, workloads, and data from on-premises environments or other cloud platforms to Oracle. Our team will ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your business.

    Our team can relieve you of the day-to-day operational tasks involved in managing your OCI environment. With our extensive support and incident management, you get to focus on your core business functions while we take care of the security, backup, and recovery.

    Count on Expeed to conduct thorough security assessments, implement robust security controls, and provide ongoing monitoring and threat management so that your OCI environment maintains the highest security posture.

    Our team can analyze your workloads and help you optimize your OCI usage. With the right cost analytics and resource allocation, we can help identify opportunities for optimization, performance improvement, and cost efficiency.

    Build Modern Cloud-Native Applications

    A comprehensive view of services included in our OCI Partner Program.
    API Management

    Take advantage of OCI’s offerings for API management, including API design tools and API gateway to create and securely manage your APIs.

    Interfaces and Automation

    Customers have access to the OCI Console, the Command Line Interface (CLI), and API/SDKs along with the Cloud Shell and Resource Manager (Terraform).


    OCI provides a range of database services to Expeed customers, including the Oracle Autonomous Database, and MySQL services for their relational database needs.


    With our OCI partnership, our customers can utilize the Container Registry, for storing and managing container images, along with the Container Engine for Kubernetes.

    Machine Learning

    With OCI’s machine learning services, our customers can benefit from services that cover data preparation, model training, and inference. 


    Serverless capabilities are available through OCI’s Functions service, allowing you to execute code without the need for provisioning or managing servers. 


    OCI offers a streaming service that is compatible with Apache Kafka and can leverage this service for real-time data streaming and processing.


    For operational needs, OCI provides various tools and services that enable continuous deployment capabilities, along with management and monitoring tools.

    Streamline your Workload Management with Cloud Solutions

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