Give Life To
Your App Ideas

At Expeed, we’ll help elevate your brand with cutting-edge iOS applications designed to fit perfectly with Apple environments.

Custom iOS App Development

Building tailor-made applications that meet the unique requirements of your business while being able to resonate tightly with your Apple users is where we shine. We work closely with you to understand your vision, requirements, and target audience, creating a unique app that stands out in the competitive App Store landscape.

iOS App UI/UX Design

Not only do we create intuitive and engaging app experiences that improve retention and user satisfaction, but we are constantly trying to optimize the design based on user feedback and changing trends. We build apps that are easy to navigate. With our support, you can extend your brand’s identity across various platforms.

Comprehensive iOS App Development Services

As a leading mobile app development company based out in Ohio, we offer end-to-end support and solutions for all your iOS app requirements.
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iOS App Consultation
Expeed ios app dev page icons - app ui ux
App UI/UX Design
Expeed ios app dev page icons - native ios dev
Native iOS Development
Expeed ios app dev page icons - cross platform dev
Cross Platform Development
Expeed ios app dev page icons - ios app testing
iOS App Testing
Expeed ios app dev page icons - app store deploy
App Store Deployment

Our Tech Stack for a Smooth iOS App Experience

Here’s a quick look at our choice of technology stack for iOS app development, which also reflects our dedication to performance, reliability, and innovation.


At Expeed, we harness the power of a diverse array of programming languages to create seamless and innovative iOS applications. Our skilled developers master Swift, Objective-C, and C# for native app precision. Flutter delivers stunning cross-platform experiences, while JavaScript and React Native ensure seamless hybrid solutions.

Development Tools

We use industry-leading tools like Xcode and Interface Builder, complemented by the efficiency of AppCode to empower our development workflow.


Our database stack including SQLite, Firebase, SQL, Postgres, and Realm ensures robust data management and user experiences in our applications.



Agile Development for Swift Results

As a leading iOS App development company, we understand the importance of time-to-market. Our agile development methodology ensures that your custom iOS app is delivered efficiently without compromising on quality. From the time of requirement gathering and conceptualization, leading right up to launch and support, our team will share detailed updates on the project status and ensure that all deadlines are met. While conducting regular quality checks and testing, we also make sure to collect your feedback and thoughts, so that the end product aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Things That Make Us The Best iOS App Development Company

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Expertise that Transcends

We have seasoned experts in iOS app development who understand the Apple environment perfectly and can suggest app features and functionalities that can help you stand out in the App Store.

technology companies in columbus ohio
Client-Centric Collaboration

We don’t believe in pushing our clients to compromise on app features just so that we can close the deal. We work with you every step of the way to deliver a platform that truly exceeds your expectations.

technology companies in columbus ohio
Cutting-Edge Technologies

Whether you need a native iOS app, want to explore the possibilities of Swift UI, or integrate advanced features like Core ML, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life.

technology companies in columbus ohio
Security as a Priority

From encryption protocols to secure authentication mechanisms, we make sure that your app not only functions flawlessly but also maintains the highest standards of data security.

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iOS Application Development FAQs

  • How much does it cost to develop an iOS app?

    The cost of developing an iOS app can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the app, features, design requirements, and development time. At Expeed, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and will offer a clear timeline and pricing to achieve them. To get a custom quote on your app requirement, get in touch with our experts for a detailed consultation.

  • What platforms are covered during iOS app development?

    Our iOS app development services cover a range of platforms to ensure your app reaches a broad audience. We specialize in iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and iOS for Enterprise.

  • How is Expeed different from other iOS app development companies?

    Expeed stands out in the competitive landscape of iOS app development for several reasons. To begin with, we take a very client-centric approach and prioritize on collaboration and communication. Our team comprises seasoned experts who stay at the forefront of technological innovation and focus on delivering solutions that work. We also understand how crucial the time-to-market is and adopt an agile development methodology that ensures efficient and flexible processes.

  • How long does it take to build an app for iPhones?

    The timeline for iOS app development depends on various factors, including the complexity of the app, features, design intricacies, and the development process. Simple apps with basic functionalities may take a few weeks, while more complex apps with advanced features can take several months.