Who Needs a Data Architecture Assessment?

Make valuable data-driven business decisions with scalable, and easily accessible modern data platforms.

If your business is at the risk of falling behind and losing market share to competitors because you fail to derive actionable intelligence to support decision making, this assessment is what you need.
Modernize Your Legacy Data Architectures
Manage Increasing Data Volume, Variety and Sources
Centrally Manage Data Access Throughout the Firm
Let Expeed help you with your journey towards Data Modernization.

Our Assessment Process

Our Data Architecture experts will hold workshops with your teams to understand business goals, assess current state, and propose a roadmap for modernization.


Understand your long-term business goals

We ensure that you are equipped with the right set of technologies and processes needed to achieve your business goals.


Audit current state of technology

We’ll take stock of all your current technologies to understand where on the modern technology curve does your company fall.


Understand existing processes and culture

We ensure that your company’s process and culture are attuned to and supprostive of the level of technological improvisation you are aiming for.


Define future state

After identifying the gaps in the current state we go on to clearly define a future state of data architecture that can support your business goals.


Define roadmap

Finally, we’ll define the different stages or milestones in your company’s journey towards data modernization that will serve as your execution guide.

What You Get

Assessment Report
A high-level architectural view of your current platform.

The report will include a high-level architectural view of your current data platform, and rating of your architecture from multiple perspectives to indicate the current maturity level.

Data Architecture Executive Report
A modern data reference architecture report and roadmap.

Using the business goals and future state requirements, we will provide a modern reference architecture, and recommendations on technologies and processes. We will also provide a roadmap with our recommended initiatives.

Proof of Concept Proposal
A compilation of capabilities and expected results

For organizations wanting to quickly take that next step to gain an understanding of the capabilities on these new platforms, we will also provide a proof of concept proposal for quick-win projects.

How This Assessment Helps

Data Architecture Assessment with Expeed

Defining a modern data architecture is not easy. It requires strategic planning, expertise with modern data stacks, and the ability to balance priorities. A Data Architecture assessment from Expeed can help you transform how you collect data, process, and store it to enable data-driven decision making in your organization.
Business Benefits
  • Actionable insights into business performance
  • Improve customer experience
  • Data-driven accurate customer targetting
  • Launch new products and services into existing and new markets
Technical Benefits
  • Well defined data analytics and data collection environments
  • Ability to integrate easily
  • Ability perform real-time analytics
  • Ability to secure data with proper governance structure

Switch to effective, evidence-based decision making.

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