Expeed Software partners with Erdős Institute

Data Science Company Partners with Erdős Institute for Mentorship and Training

Expeed Software is delighted to partner with the Erdős Institute to help advance, mentor, and train the next generation of data scientists. While many graduating PhD candidates choose to pursue careers in higher education, the field of data science is an increasingly popular opportunity for people with knowledge of statistics, science and programming. The Erdős Institute addresses these candidates who are looking to transition from academia to data science by conducting an annual training bootcamp with a market-driven curriculum. The Cőde Boot Camp involves PhD students, postdocs, and alumni from across the country.

“We are thrilled to have Expeed be a part of The Erdős Institute collaborative family! Their expert data scientists, Kevin Croxall and Keith Bocian, have brought a great deal of real-world experience to our program.” said Erdős Institute Director Roman Holowinsky. Dr. Kevin Croxall, Expeed’s Director of Data Science, serves The Erdős Institute as a PhD Alumni and Industry Advisor.

Expeed’s team of practicing data scientists have brought practical hands-on expertise to guide Erdős Institute bootcamp students as they formulate approaches and apply data science techniques to solve common business problems. Expeed’s data scientists have been leveraging their experience to help students think their way through problems and to develop solutions using cutting-edge coding techniques and strategic analyses.

“We are grateful to organizations and people like Keith and Kevin who help advance and shape the mindset of this next generation of data scientists”, said Amanda Perrin, Head of Industry Placement and Consulting at the Erdős Institute.

Expeed Software looks forward to accompanying The Erdős Institute on this journey as we work together to unlock the value of our future workforce.

A Team of Expert Data Scientists