Custom Analytics Platform Using IoT Data Sources

An innovative platform to retrieve data directly from various IoT touchpoints and convert them into easily configurable user-specific dashboards.

With the plethora of information source points that IoT ecosystems have brought to the table, our team devised a data analytics solution that could gather all the information in one place and present real-time data using visual dashboards that can be configured according to industry specifications and preferred matrices. While data analytics services are available in plenty, an easily customizable solution that offered better connectivity to an IoT ecosystem is hard to come by for certain industries.

Problems That Needed To Be Addressed

There was a need to integrate the IoT ecosystem more effectively to business processes by converting data points into industry-specific analyses. Data analysis platforms that were currently being used along with IoT also required to be updated when a new evaluation standard or process was added to the system, which was often time-consuming and fairly complex from the business/client perspective.

The Solution We Provided

We designed and implemented an AI-enabled data analytics platform that offered better connectivity to the IoT ecosystem and let businesses configure their dashboards easily according to their requirements using stream and batch analytics solutions. The plug-and-play feature also enabled faster implementation of revisions or changes to analytical parameters.

The Impact and Long-term Results

Our solution has helped clients from various industries linked to the IoT ecosystem to quickly retrieve important data from all connected devices and draw decision-worthy conclusions in a speedy way. This leads to faster and efficient business processes and improved problem-solving capabilities.

The platform has the ability to fetch data directly from the data source and offer real-time analytical insights to businesses including data anomaly detection.

So, Here’s How We Did It

Data Layer Management: Our solution accesses data at the management layer where information is received from IoT networks, channels and devices. From here the relevant data is then pushed to the application layer where businesses or users can quickly configure dashboards/KPIs/Reports based on their specific industry requirements.

Configurable Actions: Many a time, clients end up spending too much time sifting through data analytics solutions that might be either too complex or irrelevant for their industry. Our platform offers them a simple data analysis solution where they can set custom conditions and criteria to configure actions and alerts.

Real-time Analytics Dashboard: We have simplified the whole information processing flow leading up to consumable data analysis and reports and enabled clients to access real-time analytics reports. This data is presented in a visually cognitive dashboard that gives a comprehensive view in just a few glances. And since the dashboard is customizable to user requirements, our platform has helped businesses tied to IoT ecosystems improve their overall operational efficiency.

AI-Enabled: The feature to plug-in predictive analytics modules enables clients to react proactively to even the slightest market changes and adapt their processes more efficiently to changing requirements.