Payment Integration Solution for saaslogic

We offered a versatile payment gateway integration solution designed for subscription businesses.

Our team at Expeed recently implemented a transformative payment integration project with saaslogic, a subscription management platform, and billing automation software. Keeping in mind, the demands of a rapidly growing subscription economy and booming SaaS businesses, we put together a robust integration solution with multiple payment gateways and payment methods that offered businesses the flexibility to sell products and services through subscription models.

Problems That Needed To Be Addressed

saaslogic needed seamless integration of multiple payment gateways so that it could serve a broad spectrum of B2B and B2C businesses. Our team made sure that the integrated payment solutions allowed saaslogic merchants to sell their products all across the US as well as internationally. This also meant handling varying transaction charges across different payment methods, card types, and regions while keeping transaction costs reasonable for both saaslogic merchants and their customers. 

The Solutions We Provided

From providing connected account solutions for pre-existing Stripe account merchants to offering saaslogicpay accounts with some of the lowest transaction charges to new merchants, our team carried out multiple payment integrations that allowed flexibility, ease of access, and scalability to subscription businesses.

So, Here’s How We Did It

Connected Account Solution: Integration with all the major payment gateways and methods were the first and the most important task we took up for saaslogic. Stripe being a popular payment gateway in the US, a basic Stripe integration was the primary ask for the platform. Our team set it up so that merchants could seamlessly link their existing Stripe accounts for processing payments from customers. Alternatively, we also created provisions to create new Stripe accounts exclusively for saaslogic. All payments initiated through the saaslogic platform were channeled through this dedicated Stripe account, ensuring efficiency and ease of use. Our team also integrated as an alternative payment gateway for the platform.

Geographic-specific Payment Gateways: Since saaslogic had already established markets in India and Africa, the platform needed to have other payment gateways integrated apart from Stripe and For instance, we chose to integrate the platform with Razorpay for its Indian customers. This provided a location-specific payment gateway based on the business addresses. Configurations were set up to enable the platform to auto-select the payment gateway to be used based on the nearest selling address of the merchant (or process with default address in case of other locations). This allowed the end customer access to all the payment methods offered by the selected payment gateway. 

It also allowed merchants to scale their businesses globally without having to deal with the complexities involved in setting up payment collection methods specific to different regions around the world. Similar configurations were made on mPesa integration for saaslogic’s African merchants.

saaslogicpay Integration: For merchants who had no prior payment gateway accounts, we set up provisions to offer a saaslogicpay account – a built-in payment gateway solution by saaslogic. This way, not only did the merchants benefit from some of the lowest transaction fees, but they were also able to provide their users with a continued user experience and transaction efficiency.

Surcharge Flexibility and Different Transaction Fees: One of the key features of saaslogic as a payment platform was the ability to offer surcharge flexibility. The team set up configurations that allowed merchants to easily pass the entire transaction fee directly to the customer or share a percentage of that cost. This included the ability to add surcharges, either as fixed amounts or as a percentage of the transaction. This is an especially important feature for merchants who want to allow multiple invoice settlements in single transactions. 

Another key integration challenge was enabling merchants to choose the transaction fees for different payment methods. For example, businesses often have to pay different charges for transactions conducted via ACH bank transfers, debit cards, corporate cards, personal credit cards, etc. Our development team made sure that saaslogic customers were able to easily select the transaction charges that applied to their businesses in different regions based on the payment method selected.

Multiple Payment Gateways for Diverse Operations: Another use case we had to keep in mind while working on the payment integrations was businesses maintaining separate accounting books for different service lines or locations. In such cases, we created provisions to allow multiple payment gateway integrations for the same merchant but with different bank accounts. This feature enables businesses to keep their books clean and easy to track.

Payment Options for Recurring Customers & Data Compliance: One of the most common challenges associated with payment data collection and processing is being compliant with PCI DSS. With saaslogic, we took all precautions to ensure that it complied with these regulations, irrespective of the payment methods.

With data compliance rules and regulations constantly changing across the globe, saaslogic also needed to offer compliant solutions to its recurring customers who preferred not to store card or bank details and desired diverse payment methods for each transaction. Along with disabling auto-pay options, we made sure that merchants could extend multiple payment methods every time an invoice was generated against a subscription and payment reminder emails were sent to the customer.