UX Audits for Optimized Business Performance

“On average, every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return. That’s an ROI of 9,900%”

– Forrester

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    The Right Time to Take a UX Audit

    If you’re like most businesses, you probably think that a UX audit only needs to be done when there’s something visibly wrong with your application. However, that’s not the case! How often has this happened to you?

    Users abandon the product before discovering your star features

    Users trust your team more than your products

    Your team spends a lot of time guiding users through your product

    Users switch to competition products with the same set of features

    If you identify with any of these scenarios above, you need to get a UX Audit done today!

    UX Solutions that Meet Your Timelines

    At Expeed, we offer UX consultancy services that help businesses improve their overall product quality, and increase efficiencies and customer retention. Here are our popular UX solutions.

    One-shot Heuristics Evaluation

    2 Days

    Our One-shot Heuristics Evaluation package provides a comprehensive approach to evaluate the UX/UI design of a product. The package includes three key features: identifying gaps in the overall user flow, evaluating individual screens to determine the UX/UI score, and a quick heuristic evaluation of the product. This allows for a holistic overview of the product’s usability, identifying potential areas for improvement in terms of user engagement and satisfaction.

    What You Get

    • A Heuristic Analysis Report
    • Current UI/UX Score
    • Recommended corrections for a quick UX fix

    Express Design Revamp

    5 Days

    Our Express Design Revamp package offers a comprehensive approach to revamping the design of a product. It includes identifying design problem areas, conducting competitor analysis, mapping design solutions to product/business goals, conducting ideation workshops, low-fidelity/mid-fidelity draft iterations, documenting the design journey, and a final design presentation. This package ensures that the design aligns with the overall objectives of the product, meets user needs, and incorporates industry best practices.

    What You Get

    • Express Design Audit Report
    • Design Journey Document with Research and Analysis
    • Low Fi Prototypes and Iterations
    • XD or Figma High Gi Prototype

    Comprehensive UX Realignment

    25 Days

    Our Comprehensive UX Realignment package offers an extensive approach to realigning the UX design of a product. It includes identifying UX challenges, determining Critical Success Factors (CSF), competitor analysis, mapping UX solutions to product/business goals, creating user personas, plotting user journey maps, conducting ideation workshops, creating HMV statements, defining the best UX strategy and user flow, creating low-fidelity wireframes, developing a comprehensive design guideline, conducting testing and peer review of the wireframe design, documenting the design journey, and final design presentation.

    What You Get

    • Comprehensive UX Realignment Report
    • User Personas
    • User Journey Maps
    • Design Journey Document with Research and Analysis
    • Sketches
    • Low-fidelity Wireframes
    • HFP (Xd/Figma)
    • Updated HFD
    • Design Guidelines
    • Design Presentation

    Complete UX Audit Program

    50 Days

    Our Complete UX Audit package is a comprehensive offering that provides an in-depth analysis of your product’s user experience. Our team will identify UX challenges, conduct stakeholder interviews, perform competitor analysis, and map UX solutions to your business goals. We will create user personas and plot user journey maps, testing low-fidelity wireframes with users and peer-reviewing with our team. Our experts will also develop a complete design system, including atomic, molecular, complex organism, and species designs. We will test high-fidelity designs with stakeholders and users, and develop a comprehensive design guideline, documenting the design journey and presenting a final design.

    What You Get

    • Complete UX Audit Report
    • Affinity Designs
    • User Personas
    • User Journey Maps
    • Design Journey Document with Research and Analysis
    • Sketches
    • Low-fidelity Wireframes
    • HFP (Xd/Figma)
    • Updated HFD
    • Design System
    • Design Guidelines
    • Design Presentation
    • Prototypes

    Our UX Audit Process

    A UX audit can help you to identify and assess various aspects of your application’s user experience. For us, the process begins with identifying the underlying issues in your existing UI designs and navigation pathways to eliminate critical UX issues.



    We begin by studying your product, conducting stakeholder interviews, and identifying problems in your user journey.



    Then we dive deeper to understand your ideal user experiences and benchmark it against competitor products.



    Next comes the brain-wrecking ideation and brainstorming sessions to design the perfect UX revamp strategy for your product.


    Design Guide

    The execution stage begins with the development of detailed design guidelines that are focused on heuristic enhancements.


    UI Design

    Next, we’ll redesign pages from your product in alignment with the new UX strategy and the UI design guide.


    UI Development

    At the final stage, we’ll convert your product’s most critical landing page into plane HTML and CSS.


    What Makes Us Different

    Our team of experienced UX consultants has worked with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises. We understand the importance of providing a great user experience for all users, no matter what size or type of business you have.

    We have a data-driven approach. Our recommendations are backed by actual facts and insights derived from them.


    Our UX experts have worked on numerous software products and applications across industries and bring a wealth of experience.


    We take an unbiased approach to our audits, meaning we will give you honest feedback about what needs to be improved.


    We know where to draw the line on what’s actually feasible in a given timeline. Our solutions are practical and grounded.

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