Community Care Case Management System

We created a flexible, interactive and dynamic case management system.

Our client, who was a premier technology solution provider based in the U.S., approached us to develop a framework that could be used to assist community managers and support workers to properly attend to individual requirements of homeless youth, especially pregnant ones, from a region. They sought a platform that would not just connect case managers to their patients, but also help streamline the file management process.

Problems That Needed To Be Addressed

The client needed an on-demand case management platform that made the existing process more efficient, allowed for care managers to connect with their patients and offer space for sharing data, building reports and monitoring progress.

The Solutions We Provided

We came up with a highly scalable cloud-native solution that allowed the case managers to connect screen-to-screen with their program participants and to monitor and manage their assigned cases in a more comprehensive way.

The Impact and Long-term Results

The client can now help their customers scale-up their activities across various counties in the US, with the help of the more streamlined system. The case managers have also reported better results in a shorter TAT, thanks to the screen-to-screen interaction feature.

So, Here’s How We Did It

Cloud platform: We proposed a cloud-native solution, leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform to embrace rapid change, large scale, and resilience as a service.

WEBRTC based Video framework: The solution provided for browser-based video calls were implemented using WEBRTC. We built a powerful real-time video communication module, by using the built-in camera and microphone for the video calling, which also follows PCI and HIPAA standards. The other side of this framework is real-time browser notifications between the users.

Flexible Custom Case Management Module: We proposed a custom case management module where the program participant could sign-up and make requests depending on their needs. The key highlight of this module is that case managers can search program participants, associate cases, track various cases, update various statuses, create appointments, and schedule meetings. All the notes, appointment history, status relevant to a case is tied to the program participant’s profile, which served as the single source for all the information.

Dynamic Forms Management Module: We developed a custom Forms Management Module, to address all their dynamic in-take form creation and publishing requirements. We built a flexible framework using Angular as frontend, which turns query the questions and control types from the form to render dynamically.

Dynamic Appointment Scheduling and Booking Module: The solution included a custom module, which took care of appointment booking on behalf of the case manager/program participant. Based on the many appointment types, case managers could set the availability and the dynamic time slot logic would automatically suggest the next available slot to schedule an appointment in the system.

Content Publishing Module: A dynamic content creation and publishing module was developed in the system, using which case managers could create various resources, and publish it to targeted user groups. This Custom Content Publishing Module was used to make announcements, share resource information, emergency contact information pertaining to various counties etc.

Reporting: A custom-built reporting module was implemented to cater to various reporting needs. The case managers could generate and export various reports to Microsoft Excel format in the application.

Localization: The framework had a localization component, that gave high flexibility to the application, and where the client could customize the labels and messages based on their needs.