Process Enhancements for Digital Transformation and Scale

We developed a comprehensive set of solutions that helped our client to scale from a regional player to a national market leader.

As a top-rated radiology group owned by a private equity firm, our client was in the process of expanding their business through acquisitions and mergers that also helped them stay ahead of the competitive winds in the radiology industry. Although their revenue and market share were growing, so were their expenses and technical/operational costs. With the demand for radiology services at an all-time high, the client felt it was time to upheave the existing operational processes and set in its place a more efficient and digitally adaptive process. They were on the lookout for a technologically strong strategic growth partner when they approached our team at Expeed.

Problems That Needed To Be Addressed

The client needed process improvements that would increase both employee productivity and satisfaction, which in turn would lead to improved customer experience and retention. They also needed a system that was easier to integrate disparate data sources, giving them faster access to more accurate information, improved analysis, and accelerated decision-making.

The Solution We Provided

Through our Rapid Digital Transformation Assessment™, we enabled the client to identify opportunities for, and the quantified benefits of, automating manual processes and producing and integrating the systems required to deliver predictability to their organic and inorganic (M&A) growth strategy. These systems would address key technical and operational challenges, reduce operating costs, and streamline the acquisition and integration of smaller and larger companies.

The Impact and Long Term Results

With our enhanced processes in place, the client reported accurate QA numbers for the first time with overall consensus. Adherence to QA contracts rises from 30% to a near 100% mark. Moreover, the client now reports a 97% work-billing match as compared to the 70% work-billing match that existed.

Our solutions resulted in more accurate tracking and accounting for radiologists’ work units (services) and a more effortless association with external billing companies, leading to better planning and revenue prediction.

So, Here’s How We Did It

The solutions we provided the client were derived from our Rapid Digital Transformation Assessment which identified the following touch-points of opportunities/threats to the company’s existing processes.

  • the need for a structured software development process
  • integration challenges compounded by their rapid growth resulting in an internal team that lacked the time and, to some extent, the expertise to manage it
  • the need for an updated, single point of view into their data via a data
  • integration system that combines and organizes everything
  • an immediate need for operations reporting and dashboards to get better insights into radiologists’ efforts, and the resulting financial implications
  • the need for an accurate Peer Review system
  • the ability to understand their data to create dashboards and reporting technology that makes sense to the business leaders – they didn’t have the ability to tell the story with the data

With the problem areas clearly defined, our team was able to recommend a solution that would address the identified challenges, mitigate execution risk, and overdeliver on their anticipated ROI expectations.

Story-Telling Data Dashboards: We exposed the relevant data and created a unified dashboard that could translate the information into decision-making performance narratives. This helped to uncover underlying problems and allowed them to be subsequently fixed. Our efforts included exposing previously incorrect metrics that concealed existing issues, bringing the actual needs of the company to the forefront to be addressed.

Technologically Efficient Workflow: By understanding the processes of the users, team Expeed was able to redesign workflows that increased efficiencies and addressed technological gaps in their systems. We were able to reconcile internal disagreements within the company. Not only were their teams gathering and looking at incorrect numbers but were also not doing calculations correctly. We brought their stakeholders together to understand their requirements more intricately and then to design a system that agreed upon and met everyone’s needs.

Tactical Solutions: Once the larger process was streamlined to work more effectively and adapt to their digital touchpoints, we delivered strategic and tactical solutions to overcome their specific operational inefficiencies. Here are a few of them:

  • An image viewing tool to improve the productivity of the radiologists
  • An admin portal and QA portal to manage their master data in one place
  • A re-envisioned goal-driven QA process supported by a customized platform to manage the same
  • Data Organization along with various database project deliveries, which included API transfers and dashboards with report development